Guidelines to offer the Robes for BABA at Shirdi Sai Center

Sairam Devotee,

To offer robes for BABA, please reserve a date and make sure the robes are stitched as per measurements provided in the Robes Form. All the necessary instructions, information and links are provided below

  1. Schedule the Date:
  1. Robes Form:

Please use the following link for the robe measurements and to fill in the Devotee details.
Click here for the Robes Form

  1. We request you to understand that we cannot offer your robes as scheduled, in case of the following situations.
    • If you are unable to provide the robes 15 days before the scheduled date, if they are unstitched.
    • If the robes are not stitched as per the instructions provided in the Robes Form and the edges have not been hemmed neatly.
  1. Please do not drop off the robes until you have scheduled a date and got confirmation. 
  1. For any further clarification, please call the helpline 408-909-1221 (Extn – 5) or email: [email protected]

6. Additional information

Dates availability for offering: 
The link opens the calendar for offering robe 2 months in advance from the start of every month. For example, the dates for the month of September  will open on July 1 st .

Guidelines to book:
● Only 1 Kakad per household(family) per month is allowed.
● Up to 2 Shej bookings per household(family) per month is allowed.
● Devotees can book a Thursday only if the devotee has not booked on a Thursday in the past 3 months (90 days).

To book a date using the link above:
● Click on the link and select the date and time and answer a few required questions and click the confirmation button.
● You will receive an email (either confirmation or received request) and a text confirmation (if you have agreed to text message updates) as soon as you book.
● You will get automated reminders to drop off the robes 15 days and 7 days prior to your schedule. If you have already dropped the robes you may safely ignore these reminders.
● You will also receive a thank-you note after the event, along with a gentle reminder to collect the robes you offered within the next day, if you had opted to collect them. Otherwise, the robes will be moved to the donation box.

In case any devotee needs help with the booking using the link, please feel free to reach out to the Robes team via email or phone provided above.