Have faith and patience. Then I will be always with you wherever you are. - Sai Baba

The temple performs four Aratis for Baba at 6:30 AM, 12:00 PM, 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM. The four aratis represent prayers offered to Baba during the four major kaalas or time of the day – pratah kaal or morning, madhyan or noon, sandhya or evening and raatri or night.

Kakad or Morning Arati: Kakad Arati signifies waking Baba at dawn and getting Him ready for the day. The process starts at 6:15 AM with the curtains opening and the gentle rendition of Utha Utha Sakal  Janaa. After Om Jai Jagadisha Hare, an offering of milk, butter and sugar is made. The Kakad Arati now starts around 6:30 AM with waving the Pancharati to Baba. Compositions by Baba’s devoted Bhaktas are sung in Marati language. At the end of this phase, the Pancharati after invoking baba’s blessings, is offered to the devotees. In the next phase, Baba is given a abhishekam or shower to the rendition of Purusha suktam and decorated for the day. After the abhishekam, Vishnu Sahasranamam, 108 names of Maha Vishnu, that was dear to Baba, is chanted. This is followed by offering of Dhoopam (incense), deepam (lamp) and maha neivedyam (food) and water. The second phase concludes with a 2 minute Arati invoking His Blessings for the devotees.


Madhyan or Noon Arati: The noon arati for Baba starts when the sun is at high point after offering of Dhoopam (incense), deepam (lamp) and maha neivedyam (food) and water. Again, compositions by intimate Bhaktas of Baba are rendered. The Ararti concludes with offering the same to devotees.


Dhoop or Evening Ararti: Dhoop Arati for Baba is done at sunset after offering of Dhoopam (incense), deepam (lamp) and maha neivedyam (food) and water. Again, compositions by intimate Bhaktas of Baba are rendered. One such composition talks about the greatness of Sadguru Sai Baba while offering humble salutations while another implores Baba to be with us always, no matter who forsakes us. The Ararti concludes with offering the same to devotees.


Shej or Night Arati: Shej Arati is the final arati of the day where we get Baba ready and comfortable for the night. Baba’s robes are changed around 8 PM and after offering of Dhoopam (incense), deepam (lamp) and maha neivedyam (food) and water, the arati is rendered. The Arati is offered to the devotees and the podium is cleared. The curtains are then closed to ensure no one disturbs Baba.

Arati audio files and lyrics are available in Resources Page.