In addition to ongoing community activities, Shirdi Sai Parivaar has been working on additional activities as part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations. We are pleased to communicate that we will be conducting a fundraiser to help two Non-Profit organizations based out of Bengaluru, India. The funds raised will help these deserving organizations to buy clothing and other essential supplies for their residents.

Following are some additional information of the NPO’s that we plan to support in Bengaluru, India:

  1. Adhaar – a school for mentally challenged kids and adults.   


Excerpts: Many of our fellow beings carry labels of mental retardation, spastic, handicapped, defective etc. and life seems to have become a never ending hurdle from one obstacle to another, not only for those who carry the label but even for those who do not  (like the families of the labeled). Our society’s demands and values have caused greater anxiety and tensions about tomorrow and what next?

The so-called mentally handicapped are actually simple souls, with pure hearts. Though bodies grow old and big, mentally they are still like children in openness and straight forwardness.  These wonderful simple souls hold the secrets to oceans of love and purity.  Adhaar’s key mission is to help these simple souls, to hold their hands and provide the necessary support so that we can create a world of love and understanding.

  1. Paranga Trust:  a charitable trust to enrich the quality of life in the downtrodden, needy rural community.


Excerpts: The Paranga Charitable Trust is an independent, progressive organization committed to bring about radical change towards a better world and accelerating positive movement on needy critical social issues and effecting enduring systemic change. We seek to enrich the quality of life in the downtrodden, needy rural community with preference to girls around by providing enrichment programs that seek to strengthen the region’s educational, spiritual, social and cultural base in creative and sustainable ways.  Priority is given for the  “PaRanga Vidya Kendra” activity.

PaRanga Vidhya Kendra – school of learning makes a bold attempt at providing this value-based education along with the required academic education for about 660 children. The objectives are to see the children turn the pages of history and after that look forward / march ahead to make society brighter, bigger and higher.

These organizations cater to mentally challenged children and underprivileged individuals. Since we have constraints for sending donation in-kind items to India, SSP has decided to collect funds and provide the same to these organizations.  The funds provided will be used to purchase school uniforms for children and clothes for adults.

Expense activities from these donations, will be closely monitored by SSP volunteers and local contacts in India.  If you are interested to participate in this activity, we request you to make donation, in a hundi designated for this activity, in the temple.  If you are planning to make the donation by Check, please mention “Indian NGO” in the memo field.

The fundraising activity has been scheduled from Mar 1st 2015 to April 2nd, 2015.

If you have any questions relating to this drive, please send email to [email protected].