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Sairam Saibandhus,

Shirdi Sai Parivaar was formed in October 2004 and the Shirdi Sai Center in Milpitas was established in 2010.  Main goal of Shirdi Sai Parivaar has been to spread the teachings and philosophy of Shirdi Sai Baba and to be involved in various Charitable and Community based activities.  In this regard, SSP is planning to initiate several projects for Senior Citizens. Short term goal of the project is to offer various activities/programs  for Senior Citizens.  Long term goal is to establish an independent senior living residential community for seniors who are self-dependent and do not need managed health care. This survey is being conducted to gauge the interest level and to understand the needs of senior citizens so that SSP can plan various activities accordingly.

The current plan we have is to offer activities for Senior Citizens for few hours in  a week (58 years and above). This will be initially like a 2-hour program in our existing premises at SSP Milpitas  and then eventually grow in a way that it can be offered  all 5 days of the week. Kindly take
few minutes to answer these questions to help us understand the needs:

Please click here to participate in the survey. Thank you for your time in taking survey.

Jai Sairam
Bow to Shri Sai
Peace Be to All

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