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Past Community Activities

Access Braille Project

SSP, in conjunction Access Braille, a non-profit organization has undertaken a project to digitize 10th grade textbooks (for India) for children with visual impairment. The details of the project currently underway are provided below:

Project Details:

1) Convert 10th grade (Indian) textbooks that are in Adobe PDF to MS Word. The Word document will then be converted to either audio or digital braille, by other organizations, so that children with visual impairment can use the same to prepare for the 10th grade exams.

2) Textbooks are available online.

3) Project basically comprises of copying text from the PDF document and pasting the same in MS Word. Minor edits will be required for the title, section headings and figures.

4) Documents will be maintained on Google Doc and a control sheet will be maintained to ensure that the conversion occurs seamlessly

5) Documents will be proof read by Access Braille volunteers

6) There is no copyright issue as Government of India has lifted the ban for converting text books, for visually handicapped individuals.