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Have you wondered why the entrepreneurship bug happens a bit late with our kids

Hmmm…Such a mystery when there is so much innovation happening around us?

Have you wondered why our high school has only a class or two related to programing and none on entrepreneurship?

Well, here is a wonderful opportunity  for your child to learn the A, B, Cs of how to launch a startup, and even build a prototype…

** Weekly sessions will 

– Magically transform business plans into a prototype/almost finished products. Mentors will help in areas such as User Interface design, Coding/programing, building business plans, filing patents, finding funding sources etc. Weekly presentation / status updates. 

– Opportunity for teams to huddle and continue the collaborative effort, present the prototype status, identify areas they need help

– Mentors / Industry experts will present on specific topics as needed, provide feedback to the teams on their project

Module 1: Entrepreneurship 101

Session 1 What is creativity? What sparked Facebook, Google, and others? What is my passion?

Session 2 Behavior traits for a successful entrepreneur

Session 3 Turning your passion into a business opportunity

Do what you love and create a new future. Can my passion create money? Is money needed? What is the business opportunity?

Session 4 Steps needed for your startup: 1,2,3 GO!

Learn the possibilities of what a startup can generate.

Make the world better, get acquired, initial public offering (IPO), etc.

How do you price your product? How do you plan your first and second year of operation?

Session 5 Financials of the business opportunity

Session 6 Presentation skills, successful pitches, and what ideas got funded Showcasing the pitch template

Session 7 Filing your patent, patent gotchas, successes and failures

The day to hand your business plans for evaluation to the instructor

Instructor will pick the top 12 business plans from the class and invite the student to present to a panel of Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Session 8 Tweaking business plans and getting it presentation-ready

Session 9 Twelve teams pitch to a panel of VCs / Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with one emerging as the top startup idea.

Session 10 Development overview

Age:  For middle school and high school students. 

Pre-requisite:  : This opportunity is available to every curious, inquisitive child with a desire to learn.

Time: Every Sunday, 9:15-10:15 am

Class size: 30

Class room: 300

Teachers: Priya Rajpal and Sarita Agrarwal


Date(s) : Sun 01/21/2018 - Mon 05/28/2018

9:15 am - 10:15 am

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