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Gita Paaraayan or Chanting not only bring peace and joy to the mind but is also meant to help in spiritual (Adhyaatma) study and pursuit.

Sanskrit being 100% phonetic, chanting and pronouncing it correctly is very important. Even just listening to Sanskrit Verses, Prayers, Vedic Mantras creates Samskara and interest to learn more about it.

Gita is composed with strict rules of Chandas. Most of them are in Anushtubh Chandas – which has 8 Syllables in one quarter of each verse; and thus 8×4 = 32 Syllables in each verse. Anushtubh Chandas is the most common and popular Chandas in all Puranas and in other Vedic Texts. Bhagavad Gita is part of the Mahabharata Purana. Some verses (e.g. 11th chapter) are composed in Chandas called Trishtubh – 11 syllables in each quarter; 11×4 = 44 syllables. Vedic Mantras are to be chanted in accordance with Swaras (musical tones) – in addition to following the rules of Chandas, etc.

It is said, that regular daily practice of Gita Paaraayan helps to get rid of anger and abusive language, words in daily life, and help invoke Blessings of Lord Krishna, Saraswati and Ganesha to gain All Vidya – All Knowledge.



The class format will comprise of the 1) Learning Phase and 2) Paaraayan Phase.

In Learning Phase, instructor will lead the chant, 1 quarter (verse) at a time, and the class will repeat it twice. This allows participants to learn the correct pronunciation, pause, and breaking of Sandhis of words. This will enable participants to chant, in Chorus, during the Paaraayan Phase.

Transition between the Learning and Chanting phase will depend upon the progress of the class.


Participants are requested to attend the class till they are fluent in chanting. Class will be on-going. Participants are requested to attend regularly and practice on their own at home or anywhere else.


Important Note:

Age Requirement: 10+ years to 18 Years


Ages 10 yrs. and up*


*Anyone with interest in Chanting, listening to Vedic Mantras, Stotras, Prayers, can join the class. Basic knowledge of Sanskrit Devanagari Aksharas will be useful. One will learn Sanskrit’s unique phonetic rules. No advanced knowledge of Sanskrit is needed.


  • Chandra Mouli


  • Every Saturday 7:00PM – 7:45 PM  starting from September 6th


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Date(s) : Sat 09/06/2014 - Sun 05/31/2015

7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

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Total: 20 slots
Open: 11 slots

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Fri 09/05/2014 12:00 AM

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