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SHIRDI SAI PARIVAAR IN ASSOCIATION WITH SOUTH ASIAN HEART CENTER SP IS PLEASED TO PRESENT An Educational Seminar ON Creative Lifestyle Solutions to the epidemic of heart attacks and diabetes in Indians

Synopsis:  South Asians are becoming painfully aware of the preponderance of heart events, often fatal, frequently among seemingly healthy close family & friends. What do we know about this pandemic?  Did you know that traditional screening guidelines underestimate the risk?

How can you determine if YOU are at risk for heart disease?  Can advanced and genetic testing better predict the risk?  How effective are lifestyle changes in reducing risk? What is the South Asian Heart Center’s AIM to Prevent program?  Why is the Center offering expert education and free counseling to Indians in the Bay Area to understand and alleviate their risks for these chronic diseases?

Everyone knows about the benefits of exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction to health and longevity.  At this presentation you will hear about the evidence and the impact of the Center’s Lifestyle MEDS program – Meditation, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep has had on its participants in reducing the risk factors associated with heart disease and diabetes.

Ask questions about types of exercise and benefit? Which is better – intensity or amount?  What is the best time to exercise?  What are the popular myths on diet and nutrition?  Is your diet “Grains” or “Greens”?  What about “Ghee”?  How do meditation and sleep reduce my risk?

Get evidence based answers to these questions on health, longevity, & successful aging

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  •  Saturday, February 1st, 4:30-6:00 P.M. 2014

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