Event Details

Description : Astrology for Beginners

Day & Time : Sunday, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Class Room: 600

Requirements: Introduction to Astrology and it’s origin, Planets & Houses, How horoscope is drawn, Chart Reading, Chart Analysis, Predictions, Prashna Sashtram, Muhoortham, Remedial Measures, Case Study.

Registration: Open to all

Teacher: Sree Budhavarapu

With interest in the subject of astrology growing day by day and to eliminate some myths on this subject and the request of enthusiastic learners, I am conducting a basic course in Astrology starting in a week or two. It will be a FREE, 2 hours a day weekend class, for 10 weeks. Please find the topics below.

Introduction to Astrology and its origin.

· What is panchang, what is its importance
· 12 Zodiacs, 9 planets and basic components of horoscope
· 27 stars and their distribution among 12 zodiacs (houses)

Planets and Houses

· 9 planets, their lordship, house ownership,
· More details about planets, their significant characters.
· Dasa details
· Calculation of planetary strengths

How horoscope is drawn:

· Components of horoscope
· Process of computing to draw a horoscope
· Divisional charts
· Natal chart, Navamsa and transit charts

Chart Reading

· Explanation of 12 houses and their significance
· What can be read from each and every house in the chart

Chart Analysis

· How to analyze the chart, where to start
· How to analyze a particular aspect like wealth, health, marriage, children, etc.


· How to arrive at predictions.
· What to consider in predictions

Prashna Sastram

· The science of answering a question based on time its asked


· What is muhoortam (auspicious time) for a particular event how its arrived at.

Remedial measures:

· Different remedial measures like gemstones, mantra, and upasana. No mantra will be given, we will discuss this theoretically.

Q & A:

· Case studies
· Open forum

Date(s) : Sun 02/10/2019 - Sun 06/02/2019

9:00 am - 11:00 am