Guidelines to offer the Robes for BABA at Shirdi Sai Center

Dear Devotee,

To offer the robes for BABA, please reserve the date and make sure the robes are stitched as per measurements suggested by Shiridi Sai Parivaar.  Please follow the instructions given below;

1.     Schedule the Date:   

Send an email to [email protected] with the “Devotee details”  .  Please fill the Devotee Details (other side of this form)

2.     Date Confirmation:

SSP volunteer will contact you and confirm the date (by email).

3.     Stitch the Robes as per the following measurements :

You can bring robes for any of the Babas as per your wish. Please make sure the measurements of the robes match the above and that the edges are stitched or hemmed neatly.


In Inches

In Centimeters


Main Baba  (View Main hall BABA)You can use single piece of Cloth or Saree or Dhothi  and can make Robe and Head Scarf for all 3 Baba with the following (approximate) measurements;

5.6 yards (200 inches) X 44 Inches


512 cm X 112 cm


100  X  43

254  X 110


  44 X  23

112  X  59

Chavadi Baba  (View Chavadi BABA)

60   X  24

153  X  61


40  X  12

102  X  31

Utsava Baba (View Utsav BABA)

16.5  X  10

 42  X  26


  16     X     3

 41  X   8


SHAWL: Shawl is optional. Please note that Baba will not wear while Shej Arati; Here are the suggested Measurements


Main Baba

 Chavadi Baba

Utsava Baba


73    X 36

60   X 12

20     X  4


186  X  92

153  X  31

51  X 11

Note:  For Shej  Arati, any colored no border, pure and plain cotton  robe only will be used

 4.     Drop the robes at temple :

We request you to drop the robes 10 days before the schedule date.  Fill the “Devotee Details” (other side of this form) and handover the robes to the volunteers along with this form

5.     To see the robes being worn by BABA :

If you are planning to come to the Shirdi Sai Center to see the robes being worn by BABA on the date chosen, please note the following robe change timings and try to visit before we change robes. This is to avoid any disappointment in case you come after the robes have been changed.

Kakad Arati :  Baba wears the robes that are offered at Kakad Arati from 7.00 AM  to 7.30 PM (approx)

Shej Arati :  Baba wears the robes that are offered at Shej Arati from 8.15 PM (approx) to 6.45 AM


Please fill the Devotee Details (other side of this form)


Devotee details

Contact details    Name                      ___________________________________________
 Phone No___________________________________________
Date of offering( we request you to provide any alternative dates )
 Date of your choice ____________________________________
 Alternative dates___________________________________________
AratiCheck the Arati to offer the robes
         O     Kakad Arati                                            O     Shej Arati
Approx. value of Robe    $      _______________
Robes offering forMain BabaNo. of Pieces in the set  _______________
 Chavadi BabaNo of Pieces in the set  _______________
 Utsava  BabaNo of Pieces in the set  _______________
If the robe offered is a sari or  a dhoti, please select of the below options
O  Offer  sari (without cutting) and blouse piece (as head scarf) to only Main Baba and use any existing robes for Chavadi and Utsav Baba
O Offer Sari (after cutting) to all 3 Babas
If you wish to take the offered robes as BABA’s Prasad, request you to collect the robe during the time specified below.1.     Kakad Arathi Robes : while Same day’s Sheja Arathi2.     Sheja Arathi Robes : while Next day’s  Kakad Arathi.

Beyond the above said time, SSP will not be able to ensure returning of your robes due to existing logistics issues, however an effort to keep them in an open “to be returned robes” bin for 2 days will be done, from where they might be collected.



We request you to understand that we cannot offer your robes as scheduled, in case of the following situations

  1. If you are unable to drop the robes before the schedule date
  2. If the robes are not stitched as per the above measurements and not having stitched edges or hemmed neatly

For any further clarification, please call :  _408-384-9710